Do you climb up on every roof before you prepare an estimate?

Quality and Dependability on Every Roofing Project since 1990

Yes and here are the reasons why we do it:

We climb up on every roof to ensure we give you a proposal you can rely on.

  • Many roofing contractors skip this step and will do a quick drive by or will rely on roofing software to provide you with an estimate. They do this because it saves them time and they know that most homeowners won’t climb up on the roof to check out their recommendations.
  • Unless a roofing contractor makes a physical examination of your roof, they will only be guessing and that can lead to nasty surprise price increases once your roof is torn off or once they start the “repair” that suddenly turns into a new roof.
  • This approach to estimating is the major cause of “change orders” that increase the quoted price and leave the homeowner feeling ripped off.

We have installed more than 1,000 shingle, tile, shake, wood, asphalt, clay tile, concrete tile and hot mop roofs. We repair roof leaks and other roof repairs and typically repair 3 roofs for every new roof we install in Orange County and the surrounding communities.

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