Is roofing your primary business on your Worker’s Compensation policy?

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This is an area that some companies “take a chance” and hope no one gets hurt.

  • Roofing is an expensive classification for worker’s compensation insurance. By classifying workers under other categories like remodeling, a company can get much lower premiums.
  • Many roofing contractors don’t classify their crew members properly so if they get hurt on your job, your homeowner’s insurance will be responsible or at the very least you will have a messy claim to deal with.
  • Galla-Rini Roofing Inc. specifically lists roofing as the primary business on our workers compensation policy.

If a contractor is unable to produce the proper insurance coverage, do not hire them because you may be responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur.

Note: Workers Compensation insurance only covers employees. If the contractor utilizes sub-contractors – they must have their own Workers Compensation insurance in force otherwise the homeowner can be held responsible if there is an accident.

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