Do you carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance?

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This is an extremely important question to ask a roofing contractor because liability insurance is not required in California.

The California Contractors State Licensing Board does recommend that you hire a company that has liability insurance to protect your property in case of an accident.

  • Commercial general liability insurance is not required to be licensed in California. If a roofing contractor does not carry general liability insurance, you should ask them how they would cover any losses normally covered by insurance. If a contractor damages your property and they do not have general liability insurance, you or your insurance may end up paying for the repairs or you will have to take legal action against the contractor to obtain reimbursement.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance is required in California for all employees. This is very important. If a worker is injured while working on your property and the contractors doesn’t have the proper insurance, you can be held liable for the cost of the injuries and rehabilitation. Your homeowner’s insurance may or may not cover the costs.

The point of this information is not to scare you. It is provided so that you won’t make the mistake of hiring a contractor that is not properly insured.

The best approach is to get the Certificate of Insurance directly from the contractor’s insurance agent. This will provide you with assurance that the coverage is in place.

We carry $2 Million of Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance and we will provide the contact information for my insurance agent so you can verify my coverage for the company.

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